Can I have some?

welcome to my blog.

a place to post. a place to eat oreos. a place to vent. a place to heal.

i started this blog so i could use a different outlet besides munching on fattening oreos. as if that has done any good... *mind wanders to oreo package in the house...*

then i realized that oreos can be semi symbolic. if you are are that crazy about oreos that is. which... i am.

eating oreos is therapeutic for me. when i am struggling or when i need a pick me up. they have chocolate. and sugar. both of which help lift my mood. not to mention that i eat them soaked with milk, which is my miracle drink.

i post my posts to not only get stuff out. there may be people who read my blog who have been in the same kind of situations as i have. i hope reading them and knowing that others have gone through things like i have, will be to you what eating oreos does to me.

and yes. i didn't capitalize anything in here. i just felt like it. deal with it.

munch up.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Your Personal Pengi

So, in case any of my readers are wondering where I found that penguin song, this is it. On facebook, there is an application that I like called (fluff)Friends. This application had a film festival, and this was one of the entrees. I'm glad it won a prize, cause I really like it. :)

Your personal Pengi


It would seem that me and Bug have had a truce. You remember my angry posts about hitting. Well, now if he feels like hitting something, he goes in his room and walks around hitting the walls. I'm fine with that. It isn't hurting anyone but him, and if he wants to hit walls, go ahead I say. I'm kind of excited about it because me and Rocket Scientist were trying to teach him that everyone gets mad sometimes, and a good way to get out that anger without really hurting anyone is to go somewhere alone and scream or whatever and calm down a bit so you can act more rationally. Now I'm not expecting him to act rationally, but I'm glad that he goes to his room when he is mad to calm down a bit. There are times when he deserves a time out of course, but those times, we put him in there and put a gate across the door so he can't come out unless we want him to. Still, if he is having a tantrum, we give him the option to stop so he can come out. I'm glad that he can tell the difference between time-outs and "scream time" (as we call it....).

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Bug threw up yesterday during dinner. I put him to bed early and tested his temperature (100.8). I forgot to give him Tylonol last night, but gave him some this morning. I have been trying to make sure he drinks a lot of water by asking him to every time I check on him. He hasn't thrown up today and actually had an appetite this morning. I gave him a piece of bread and so far he seems to be fine with it. He still has a fever, but not as high I think.

So, what does all this have to do with the title? Normally Bug doesn't eat the crust of his sandwich. Sometimes he does, but normally leaves it. When he was eating his bread this morning, he kept rotating the bread as he ate it thus eating the crust first. What was so different in that piece of bread? Who knows.... Maybe it tastes better when your sick?? I thought it was weird...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vegitarian vs. ...... ?

Is it just me or do most kids like meat? Like, really like meat. I guess either that or they hate vegetables.

During dinner tonight, we had a pretty balanced meal, and I'm somewhat proud that I was able to come up with it. It was just canned corn, leftover meatballs, and rolls that my neighbor brought over. It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. :)

I never thought that I would have to say to Bug, eat your meat before you get more veggies. I had that thought in mind, he has only had one bite of his meat only because I wouldn't give him more milk before he ate some meat. Do I have a vegetarian on my hands? (by the way, what is the name for someone who isn't a vegetarian? Meatarian?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Random facts tag

I've been tagged by my Sister-in-law Tara (sorry it took me so long to do this Tara!!!)
Feel free to put this on your blog if you want

Here are the rules:

1)Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4)Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Facts About Myself

1. I have an innate sense of smell. I can smell a poopy diaper right under Rocket Scientist's nose across the room and he can't. (In fact I can smell one right now maybe the reason for mentioning it in the first place? Who knows? I'll be right back in any case.)

2. I can't stand slimy/gross/greasy things (as mentioned earlier in my blog) or at least touching them.

3. I spend way too much time on the computer because our apartment is so small and I can hear Bug playing, even watch him if I want.

4. I dreamt an anime that was so cool I didn't want to wake up. Some day I'll tell you about it.

5. I love Christmas songs so much that I'm listening to "The Christmas Song" right now.

6. I have never been on a plane and have wanted to my whole life. I have even had a couple of opportunities to, but never had enough money or it just didn't work out. I haven't even had a flying dream.

7. I laid in the grass with a neighbor I don't feel particularly close to and watched the clouds go by imagining they are different things. I don't even remember doing that as a child.

Who Do I tag? Whoever wants to do this :)

Soundtrack of my life

So, I just finished this, and somethings are pretty interesting. I didn't cheat on it at all, though one of them I did cause it didn't make any sense but oh well. :) Do it if you want on your own blog. :)


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...
7. When you're finished tag some other people to do it!

Opening credits:
Hands Across The Sea (John Phillip Sousa)

Waking Up:
Theames from "I Will Prepare the Way"(BoM Soundtrack)

First Day of School:
Trust Me (The Fray)

Falling In Love:
Let's Just Kiss (Harry Connick Jr.) interesting....

Fight Song:
Son On the Moon (Voice Male)

Break-up Song:
Day 8 (The twelve days of Christmas the one thing that Dad has with the guy calls random people. This one is the one with the milk maids...)

A Blessing and a Curse (Harry Connick Jr.)

Prom Night:
Horn Concerto No 3 Allegro (Mozart)

Mental Breakdown:
Dang Me (Roger Miller)

Shut Your Eyes (Snow Patrol) hmmmm, not too smart are we??

Learn to Love (Harry Connick Jr.)

Getting Back Together:
Small House Big Yard (Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band)

Getting Married:
Pick Up Sticks (some Jazz song from my dad...)

Birth Of A Child:
Piano Concerto No 1 Allegro marziale animato - Presto 3rd movement (Lizst)

Final Battle:
The Shadow of Your Smile (Voice Male)

Death Scene:
Miles Apart (Yellowcard)

Funeral Song:
Never Been so Alive (Third Eye Blind)

End Credits:
Blue Rondo A La Turk (another Jazz song from my dad not sure who wrote it)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Death by pearls?

After I finished posting the last one I started to take off my pearl necklace. I believe that it is 100 inches long, and I just had it wrapped around my neck multiple times. This is the problem:

And a close up...

So after trying my hardest to get off the deadly necklace with all sorts of thoughts running through my mind such as: "Should I wait up for Rocket Scientist? Should I try to sleep with it on? But necklaces aren't smart to sleep with them on because of the chance of 'hanging'" (etc...) I ended up calling a neighbor over. I felt so bad and stupid, but she was totally willing to help. Another wonderful reason to be so grateful! Anyway, there is your deadly necklace story and I'm going to bed now. :)

Go figure

Post titles and stories popping in and out of my head all day. Bug's in bed and I thought I'd put my thoughts into words. Nothing is coming to mind. I can't remember a single one... Go figure...

Anyway, I promised you more randomness, so I guess this is the post for that. :) I have these wallet sized pictures of Bug to send to all my siblings on both sides, and here they sit. Just waiting and longing to get in envelopes and get sent off. I have family in Colorado as well, and I still need to send them Little Angel's tribute. Guess what? I have no idea where they are.... I have a frame waiting around to put one in, and I can't for the life of me find all the extras we had.

Oh guess what? I remembered one of my post ideas! Here it is. :)

Title: First time

Post: So I put my hands in raw meat today (yes family, I did... crazy huh? What one will do to feed her children...) For the first time, or at least the first time without gloves. I did it plenty times at Jacob Lake with gloves on. Well, while I was washing them off, (my hands not gloves, wait, what gloves???) I just started by rinsing them as the water warmed up. I was kind of sickened by the whole thing anyway since I don't really like getting my hands slimy. As I was rinsing them, the slime wouldn't go away... Even grosser, I could see it on my hands... eeeew!!! It must have been the grease from the meat, but in any case, it wouldn't come off with just water. I very carefully squirted some soap on my hands and then the grease came off just fine. I soaped them three times even (yeah, I don't like slimy hands...). As me and Bug were eating (since Rocket Scientist is working from 4-midnight every night, yes even Sunday...) the meatballs, I started to think about the experience.

There are times that all of us get "slimy hands" from sin or other things that go against the Lord's way. We can try and just rinse them with water and hide them from the world, and sometimes that does work, but they are still slimy. We need the cleansing power of Christ's atoning blood to get our hands truly clean. Corny example I know, but still it is true. And I think we need these little moments of applying these gospel principles into our life to remind us why we are truly here and what we need to do. So whenever I make meatballs again or think about Dad making meatloaf/buffalo patties, this will probably pop in my mind again.

What a wonderful thing the gospel is!!! How grateful I am to my parents in teaching me these truths, and for helping me know that the gospel is true!!! How wonderful is the Holy Ghost to put these thoughts into our minds! Today in church we sang "The Lord is my Light" as a break hymn, and what a wonderful song!!! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to stand up there leading all the friends that I love so much and in a way bear my testimony that the Lord is MY light! Music is really wonderful isn't it? It can bring the spirit so fast that just the thought that a song is coming I get tingles. It is amazing just how many songs give me tingles. I probably tingle 3 or 4 times in the movie Cars, no matter how many times Bug asks to watch it.

What a wonderful life I have. I'm so grateful for so many things that I just don't know how I can ever say my thanks enough. And boy do I know I don't thank my Father enough. For the past couple of weeks probably, the only prayers I have been saying are the blessings on the food. Occasionally I will kneel down and really pray to my Father in a personal prayer, but lately I have been failing on that score. At this moment I am looking at some rolls someone in my ward just brought over (she interrupted my blogging...), and I am just SO grateful for these many people in my life that have blessed me so much! I wish I could just shout it to the world!!

Like I said before, what a wonderful life I have.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who knows?

So, I just thought I'd post something, but I'm not exactly sure what it will be about. Not much is new here. We are still in the same small apartment, trying to fit all our stuff in here. Rocket Scientist is working (until midnight... =/) and Bug is sleeping. Wow, he is still sleeping... (just checked the clock) we must have wore him out. :)

So all my blogging friends and family are changing the look of their blog. I'm still not sure if I want to change mine cause it fits my title... I might be starting to get board with it (who knows?) but it just fits my title and me so well. :) As for an update on my addiction (is it really that???) with Oreos, I'm defiantly going to try to do better. :) There are three more Oreos in the house (my precious.......) that will be gone before I go to sleep, but after Bug goes to sleep. Yup, they are MINE!!!! :) I am determined to not get some until later. I am really wanting this baby flab off me.

I'm eating mainly just fruit for lunch, and am trying to get better with exercising and walking and tummy exercises. Next week I will start into it better (talk about procrastinating....) because of the rainyness of this week. I would probably be fine with walking in the rain, or at least cloudiness, but I wasn't up to letting Bug out there because we would have to stay out there until HE decided. By then I would be colder then when I started off.

I hear Bug chirping (didn't know he was a bird did ya?) so I'll have more rambling later. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


My "perfectly sweet and adorable child" is driving me nuts!!! If any mothers out there who are reading this please help me?! Bug is hitting. Not others, not friends, grandparents, baby-sitters or anyone else. Just me. Rocket Scientist gets it too occasionally. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!!!?!?!?! He is in "time-out" right now, but he isn't taking it as a punishment at all! He is in there playing, and doesn't care a wit if I take him out or not! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should just leave him in there and not let him have dinner? I don't know?! He is driving me crazy, and I really don't know what to do. I have never liked the idea of spanking. I don't ever remember my parents spanking me, or punishing me physically at all. Part of me thinks that to teach him not to, he needs to feel what it is like, but another part of me says that if I don't want him to hit, that I should teach by example. I am in tears almost, and I have tried everything that I can think of. I even slapped him on the hand today to teach him that it doesn't feel good. A whole lot of good that did... I've tried to tell him that Jesus doesn't want us to hurt each other, I have tried time-out, but nothing seems to work. So, now that I've vented, I am going to repeat the post title...


Friday, May 9, 2008


So, here's an update on my lung problem. Yesterday was the first day since that Wednesday last week that I haven't had any pain medication. So, pretty much, I had pain medication for 7 days. I guess that is pretty much all I have to say, but the pain isn't bad enough that I need medication. It aches and feels a little stretched when I yawn or take a big breath. So, I'm doing good, and still trying to take it easy. Thanks for all your thoughts. ^_^

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Exelente Skyped me a few days ago, and asked me if I wanted to make $15 an hour. Now who could resist an offer like that? So, the deal is that I have a conversation to a Korean couple over Skype for an hour 5 days a week. My official new "job" is helping them practice their English. The husband is quite literate, and is working on pronunciation. The wife is working on the words and sentence structure as well as pronunciation. The wife isn't quite as literate as the husband, but she is still doing quite well.

Who else can brag that they can have a conversation for an hour and pick up $15 at the same time?

The effect of being Swamped

So, Wednesday our major errand, or trip you might say was to instacare. And let me tell you now, I got the royal treatment.

We went in because I felt like I had pneumonia, and the pain hurt so much that sometimes I was basically panting. We got in the inspection room and they said that they bumped me ahead, and said that the doctor would be in real fast because they bumped me ahead. He listened to my lungs, and couldn't hear anything. They wheel-chaired me to the x-ray room, yes, wheel-chaired, and took a couple of pictures. I have never before heard the results from x-rays sooner. I heard them before I even left the x-ray room. Clear lungs, through and through. Then I got wheeled back to the room we were in, they laid me back down (kind of in a recliner position), and shot me twice. One for the pain, one for the nausea. I tell you, the second shot better had not been for the pain, cause it hurt a lot! :) Probably 10 min after I got the shots they mentioned that my color was better. Apparently my face was really pale.

Anyway, I'm on pain medication now, and trying to take it easy. Me and Rocket Scientist are at the conclusion that since my lungs are so weak from having pneumonia so many times, I worked them too hard. They were paining because of their weakness. Not because of more infection. Thank goodness it wasn't because of infection, but still. I wish I could do more of what I want to do without aching lungs.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So, my brother made this a battle... I found this one with the water one, but didn't really check it out much. I don't necessarily enjoy this one cause sponsors keep coming up to see if you'll check out their stuff, but like I said, Excelente made this a battle :) Hope you enjoy though ^_^

Free Flour

Oh, by the way today I donated 31 scoops ^_^

Free Water? (update)

So, my bro Exelente, found a website that donates rice everytime you get a word definition right. I wonder what he would think of this one... My knowledge is limited seeing as I haven't even been on a plane, but I tried anyway :)