Can I have some?

welcome to my blog.

a place to post. a place to eat oreos. a place to vent. a place to heal.

i started this blog so i could use a different outlet besides munching on fattening oreos. as if that has done any good... *mind wanders to oreo package in the house...*

then i realized that oreos can be semi symbolic. if you are are that crazy about oreos that is. which... i am.

eating oreos is therapeutic for me. when i am struggling or when i need a pick me up. they have chocolate. and sugar. both of which help lift my mood. not to mention that i eat them soaked with milk, which is my miracle drink.

i post my posts to not only get stuff out. there may be people who read my blog who have been in the same kind of situations as i have. i hope reading them and knowing that others have gone through things like i have, will be to you what eating oreos does to me.

and yes. i didn't capitalize anything in here. i just felt like it. deal with it.

munch up.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What the boys are up to

Rocket Scientist:
  • Working hard keeping our family above water. What more can be said?
  • Pushing my buttons to no end.
  • Wanting to be helpful... sometimes a bit TOO helpful to the point where he isn't helpful at all.
  • If Baby is crying, Bug will put his little bear that he chose for Baby (see the previous pic of Baby in the car seat... the bear is there with him) next to Baby to make him feel better.
  • Sometimes when Baby cries Bug will say that it is because Baby is scared. Then he will go get his bear (named Mr. Bear.... yeah I know we are WAY creative...), come back to the room Baby is in, point Mr. Bear somewhere (where the scares came from), and say "RAWR!!!" to scare away the scares (which is what Rocket Scientist does at night if Bug is scared).
  • Bug really likes to set the table.
  • "Bug's turn!!!" (this phrase gets said way too often and it bugs me sometimes... especially when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere.)
  • Putting his clothes on by himself pretty well. The other day he actually put a diaper on himself. Hmm.... time to potty train is it??
  • Ignoring his parents. . . I hate repeating things, and yeah.... this one really gets on my nerves.
  • Playing Starfall.
  • Touching our computers when he isn't supposed to. Yesterday he turned Rocket Scientist's computer off with the power button on the front.... yeah.... not good for Windows.
  • Despite all the disobedience.... being the cute little Bug that he is.
  • Helping with laundry.
  • Really enjoys putting dishes in the dishwasher (wait.... I love that too!).
  • Turning the lights on and off. When we first moved here, he could only turn them on. It is crazy how much he has grown after being here just a few months.
  • Sleeping in his cradle at night. (hurrah!!!! I remembered two nights ago that babies like constant sound, so I turned on our water fountain. I've been sleeping in my own bed instead of the couch ever since! ^_^)
  • Making those cooing sounds that you think you'll hear right off the bat but usually don't. It actually seemed normal at first until I realized that newborns usually don't make cooing sounds until like... a month after they are born. Baby was doing them AT THE HOSPITAL! Crazy...
  • Giving crooked smiles. Not sure if they are intentional or not. Usually he does them while he is falling asleep, but I got one or two while he was wide awake.
  • Latching on good enough that I was able to avoid cracked nipples this time around. Three cheers for that!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update from baby stats to anniversaries

There have been many things running through my head of things that I wanna post, but have just haven't been able to get around to it, so this post might end up being pretty random...

Last Sunday night was almost a perfect night. If I wasn't feeding Baby, he was asleep in his cradle where he belongs. The only non perfectness to it was Bug waking up and asking for his music. He doesn't usually wake up during the night (even since we have had Baby here...) and he was eating into my precious sleeping time.

Monday night was HORRIBLE! Baby wouldn't sleep unless he was in my arms. Since Little Angel died while sleeping in our bed, it has been so taboo to do that with Baby that we haven't even talked about it. So where do I get sleep while holding a baby in my arms? On the couch of course. I can't roll over, there aren't as many pillows and soft things to suffocate... but I don't get quality sleep by any means. Staying in the same position all night tends to make one sore.

Tuesday night was a mixture of Monday night and Sunday night. I got three hours in my own bed, but after that, we were on the couch because Baby, once again, insisted on being held.

Last night was perfect again. I spent the whole night in the master bedroom, and I slept the whole night in my own bed waking only to feed Baby for five minutes because he sleeps after that. Bug didn't even wake up this time.

Another subject:

Baby's appointment was on the 23rd. Boy that was a horrible day... probably in part of Monday night being so awful... Anyway... he is already 8 lbs. 11 oz. (he was 8 lbs. 6 oz. coming home from the hospital) and 21 inches. Doctor says everything looks good and that Baby is doing fine.

Another subject:

I don't know if you have been wondering this, but I'm gonna post it anyway. If you'll remember, there have been some earlier posts where I was worried about how a new baby would affect me in reference to Little Angel. I have only had one small heart ache since he has been born. We actually (after we had been pretty settled on Baby's name) discussed the thought of picking a baby name with the meaning of "healing", and I did look it up, but all the names weren't what I was looking for. But I am doing good. I have had a few "heart attacks" when it came to SIDS and all that, but I'm trying to not worry about it. All I can do is put him in the safest positions at night and during naps and leave it to the Lord. When it comes to SIDS, that really is all you can do. After Little Angel died I asked my wise mother the question, "What am I gonna do with the next baby? I don't wanna stress over SIDS the rest of my life!", her response was simple and should be put to all aspects of life. "Go forward with faith." Oh how I love my mother.

Another subject:

Today I was able to have my eye doctor's appointment! Hurrah!!! Contacts here we come! I have been wearing crooked glasses for too long. In about a week I can pick up my new transition lenses!! Hurrah!!!

Also, today is Rocket Scientist and I's 4 year anniversary. Wow... four years and three babies.... maybe we should slow up a bit huh? Though he probably won't read this (he never checks my blog) I still wanna just write my thoughts down (more for me than for you since you probably don't wanna read a bunch of mushy stuff) on how amazing a man I married.

Having been abused as a child, I always worried what it would be like to be married. I remember asking my mom what was I to do when I got married. What would it be like? Obviously she didn't know anymore than I did, but as always, she had the right answer. "Find someone who is really patient." And Rocket Scientist fits that description to a tee. I remember a time while we were dating, I felt... dirty. I felt like some evil was in my room. Not the feeling of Satan or one of his minions, but some other sort of evil. I was so scared I couldn't move. One of my roommates tried to pass it off in a "there isn't anything here... stop worrying" type fashion, but that will never work. There was something there. And someone not believing me isn't what I needed. I asked her to get Rocket Scientist.

I was worried. So many guys have ran away with their tails between their legs when they have seen the darkness I was holding inside of me. They learn of the abuse and they high tail it the other direction, as far away from me as possible. I think if Rocket Scientist had done that it would have broken me. You know what happened (pretty much). He didn't doubt me. He didn't say it wasn't real. He held my hand until I felt safe enough to move. And all this at like 12 in the morning or later (earlier??). I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. The one man who wouldn't run away no matter what I threw at him. No matter what darkness was in me, he wouldn't run.

I guess I'm done now. That is only a small sampling of how much love I have for him. We aren't going to have a hugely fancy anniversary celebration today. Probably not even eating out with the kids. But as long as I'm with him, I'll be safe. That is how I feel. And it is more true now then when he held my hand in my room until the evil spirit went away.

He is my everything and I'm so glad he picked me.

Love you honey.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What you've all been waiting for!

So I was told that my last post was not cheerful. Well, that may be so, but I wanted to write down what it was like as soon as possible afterward so I wouldn't forget. Exhaustion kinda has a way of making things sound not as happy of an occasion as it really was.

Enough about that.

We are home now, and are still getting used to life here at home. Thankfully Rocket Scientist didn't have to go into work on Friday, so that was very nice to have him around. He called in Wednesday and Thursday to not have work, but I was not sure if he would have to go in Friday or if he even would have. It was very nice to have him here so we can get used to our new life with a newborn together.

So, pictures... let me upload some.

Welcome to the world, Baby!

He's always making this face...

The well known "weight picture".

Finally in Momma's arms.

I know, you can't see my face, but all the other ones I'm either making a sarcastic face or my glasses are TOTALLY crooked. Sarcastic faces are because Rocket Scientist takes FOREVER to take a picture, and by the time he's done, my face is sarcastic. So there.

Dad and Baby. Happy Father's Day, Rocket Scientist! (You better enjoy it! I worked hard for this present!)

Kinda fuzzy, but I like it. He just looks so content. ^_^

What's that thing in my face??

Seeing angels?


Lovely tongue.

No more pictures!

Hey! What's that behind you??

All ready to go.

Hello silly face.

I wonder what he is pondering in his sleep...

And after all that you get to hear from me again. I feel sorry for you. :p

We are all doing fine here in paradise city, Bug is doing.... ok.... with the adjustment of a new little guy invading his life. He was "Mr. Drama Queen" before Baby came, and now he is REALLY testing his limits. At least he hasn't shown any hostility towards Baby. Mom and Dad on the other hand.... Good news though, he has finally started to touch Baby. I got him to kiss Baby's head earlier to "get rid of the hiccups". No it didn't work. But at least he kissed Baby. He still doesn't want to hold him or hug him, but we are making progress. Just before dinner tonight, Baby was laying on the floor crying, and Bug came up to him, placed the little bear/teething toy Bug picked out for Baby next to Baby on the floor, and said "Here you go..." Or something. I can't remember what it was that he said, but at least he was trying to make Baby feel better.

As for me, I'm doing ok. Still feeling slight pains here and there, and feeding times almost seem like torture, but we are working through it somehow. Rocket Scientist has been a life saver though, and I couldn't ask for a better hubby.

I guess that's it... Baby is calling for me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby story

My appointment yesterday was at 3:15, and i found out that I could be induced on my birthday. I agreed to it in the hopes that I would get a new baby on my birthday. Baby (his blog name until I think of a better one...) came a half an hour late to be on my birthday. Ah well... I tried right?

Here's the story:

We arrived at the hospital around 5:30ish. Soon after I was sitting down in my gown and stuff, the doctor came in and broke my water. I was already contracting so we weren't sure if we wanted to go the pitocin route, but had we done it sooner I bet Baby would have come on my birthday.

Eventually we started the pitocin, not sure when, and at some point, I was starting to feel very weak, and almost unable to breathe, and over all... just not right. It kinda freaked me out to the point where I couldn't concentrate on handling the contractions. So what did I do? Got an epidural. I didn't want to, but I was freaked out and thought something was up with me. Near the peak of the contractions my heart would skip a beat or otherwise palpitate and that effects my breathing and because of THAT, I couldn't concentrate on dealing with the contractions. So that is why I did it. I don't feel any particular remorse for doing it either, and hope I never will.

Almost half an hour after I was numb or maybe even sooner (this is just on my recollection, I wasn't actually looking at the clock) they checked my cervix and I was ready for delivery. I think this was around 12 though so I knew it was going to be too late for having Baby on my birthday. I started pushing at around 12:20 or maybe even 12:25, and after only one contraction and 4 pushes, Baby's head was out and that was about it.

He was born at 12:32, he weighs 8 lbs. and 14 oz. and was 20 inches. He had hair, but not a ton and will lose it soon. Uh... I think that is it, but if you want more info, let me know.

Sorry once again on the poll thing... Not like you would have actually gotten a prize of some sort, but oh well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me....

And I get a baby for my birthday!

Yes you heard that right... There isn't any particular medical reason for me to be induced today, and I'm not in labor, but they were open enough to induce me and I liked the idea of Baby coming on my birthday so there you have it. Sorry for those who guessed when Baby would come, I kinda did that post a little late huh?? Ah well...

Let's hope that this one will be as fast as the other two otherwise I'll have a June 17th baby instead.

Oh, stats from the appointment:

3 almost 3.5 dilated and still 70% effaced. If I didn't induce today I bet Baby would have come within the week.

Oh, and I'm still not quite sure if I'm emotionally prepared for Baby to come, but what will happen will happen I guess huh?


So since I'm bored, and since you are probably bored otherwise you wouldn't be reading such a lame post, may as well do the usual betting on when Baby will come. You know the drill...


And just some random ones:

Labor time (when I head into hospital):
If Baby will have hair:
Who Baby will look like:

And just in case you are interested in the other facts:

Bug was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches. He was born at...... 10:35?? I can't remember exactly... but it was at night somewhere in the hour of ten. We headed to the hospital at about 3 or 4 for an induction, and I think they started the pitocin at around 4:30ish. He had a lot of dark hair that was curly (I think because it was wet). I still don't know who Bug looks like, but you can look back at pictures and find some and decide for yourself.

Little Angel was 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches. He was also born sometime at night in the hour of ten, but I can't remember the exact time. I think it was closer to 11 though than Bug. We also headed to the hospital in the afternoon to be induced and I bet they started the pitocin at around the same time as Bug or maybe a bit later. He had hair as well, and it was also dark. They look so much the same in the pictures that sometimes when I look back I don't know whose newborn pictures I'm looking at. And once again, I'm not sure who Little Angel looks most like... here... lemme upload some pics for you to help you out.

Rocket Scientist. I know it isn't a good picture to see who he looks like... but it is one of my favs of him.


One of the first pics of Bug. We didn't have a good one of him in the hospital. But I'm quite certain this is still within the first month of his life.

A more recent pic of Bug.

Little Angel in the hospital.

One of the last pics taken of Little Angel. It is a good one showcasing his face, no?

Obviously you would post your guesses on this post. Good luck to all. Oh yeah, and Bug was due on the 6th of April, was born on the 10th. Little Angel was due on Halloween and was born one week before that... the 24th of October. I'm not sure if I was early or late, or what Rocket Scientist was. Sorry we don't have baby pics of us on my computer. You'll just have to deal.


Well, there will probably be two posts today since my next appointment with my doctor is today, but I'm worried I'd forget about this by then, so here you go.

My hubby made breakfast for me today. Pancakes and bacon. Mmmm mmmm good. We'll forget about the fact that Cat told him to do it, it was still very nice.

One day hubby told me "I don't think I could stay awake through dinner." I have seen him fall asleep while singing a hymn at church, among other things, but I never thought he could fall asleep while eating.

Near the end of breakfast, there was a loud noise across the table from me, so I looked up to find Rocket Scientist dripping with orange juice and orange juice all over his plate and dripping off the table. He had dropped his cup while drinking I guess. He fell asleep in other words. I never would have thought it possible. Sure almost everything (every food group but meat) makes him drowsy cause he's allergic to it, but I still never would have thought he would have fallen asleep while eating.

Ah well... it was still an interesting morning. And a very yummy breakfast.

Happy Birthday to me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a quick note

I'm sleepy and my head has been thinking of worried thoughts all day, so I will make this quick. Besides, you probably don't want all the gory details anyway, right?

When I stood up from my bed this morning, I felt leakage. That in and of itself is kinda nerve wracking this late in a pregnancy. But I tried to keep my cool on, and tried to figure out WHAT it was.

After about three hours and three calls to the nurse at my doctor's office, she declared it was mucus discharge. Anyone heard of a mucus plug? Can come out 2 weeks - right before delivery. Well, I guess that is what she was referring to. She said to keep an eye on it, and if it got to the point of soaking my pants, then I should go into L&D. I have been trying to keep special attention to any sort of leaking today, and I have just mainly had a very lazy day.

Cat almost kinda maybe sorta forced me out of my pj's (around 5:30 pm) to go swimming with her and her family. Afterwards we had an anime night which consisted of anime, pizza, and crazy bread (anyone else a sucker for crazy bread?? I LOVE it!). It was fun, but before we went to her apartment to enjoy such an anime night, I made sure we had the hospital bag in the trunk. No need to tempt fate. Every once in a while I'll go bathroom and have it be almost clear, and not smelling of urine. And that makes me worried...

As far as contractions though, I think I have had, at most, two... but they weren't remotely close to each other at all. So I don't know what is going on, and am trying not to worry about it.

*deep breath...*

Sunday, June 14, 2009


So here I am. Two days away from my birthday, 39 weeks pregnant, and just waiting. My bag is packed (except for the Twizzlers we got from my brother and sister-in-law for my birthday), and I think I'm feeling enough ready. The apartment is still not as ship-shape that I would like it to be, but overall I think I'm ready. Having my other two induced I kinda want this one to just come when he comes. Then again, with the last two, both of them, I went to an appointment near my due date, had high blood pressure, then they induced me the same day. My next appointment is on my birthday. Wouldn't that be kinda neat? Well whatever... either way I'm sure I will be glad to not be pregnant and have my back work properly.

Oh, and I have been told that I can't have Baby before 9:30 next Sunday because I'm singing (with a group of 6 or 7) for Father's Day in Sacrament meeting. But then, my sister says I need to have baby within the week so that she can meet him before she goes back to Texas. Ah well... we can't make everyone happy right?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just a few thoughts

Feel free to skip over this post if you want... I just feel all jumbled up inside and I need to write some stuff down.

Sometimes I really wonder how well of a mother I really am. My anger flares up so quickly that it gives me whiplash. Sometimes I'll sleep on the couch while Bug plays on his own. Other times I'll be so involved in what I'm trying to finish I'll almost ignore him completely, practically yelling at him when I finally snap. I don't really let him be a "kid". You remember the days. Getting all dirty playing in a puddle or the sand, or soaking yourself to the bones playing in the snow. I just.... don't want to deal with the mess so I don't let him out in the snow, or on rainy days to experiment what it is like to stomp his feet in a puddle with rain boots on. Not that any of this is proof that I'm not a good mother or not, but it just makes me wonder.... you know?

What do you do when your kid chokes you? Pushes on your neck to get in a better position for a hug or something? How do you explain that to a three year old?

I am feeling a bit more ready for Baby to come. My hospital bag is packed (half-way....), the 0-3 month clothes have been washed as well as the 6-9 (or it might be 6-12...) thanks to an angel in my new ward. We couldn't find the 3-6 clothes though so that is on the agenda for me today since I have since found them. Our apartment is pretty well clutter-free as much as I would love to say that it is completely and utterly clutter-free. At least it is better than it was. 100% better than it was.... I still don't really know if I'm emotionally ready for Baby to come, but that is really in the Lord's hands. But I do know that I can handle anything that He has in store for me. So I guess in that light I maybe am ready?

I wanna make cookies for my sweet angel. She needs SOMETHING for all the amazing work she has done in my hugely messy house. It was funny, when she first came over she brought her son to play with Bug. The first thing her son said was, "Your house is a mess!" I smiled knowing that a 5 or 6 year old really has no tact, and responded. I can't really remember how, but I wish I would have said, "You know, I know that. Isn't it great?? Don't you want your house to always be like this?" I imagine from the way he said my house is a mess that he would respond no. Then I would say, "You know what, neither do I. That is why your mom is here. To help me make my house look a bit more like yours." Then I imagine him saying under his breath or whispering to his mom, "You have a lot of work to do...." haha. Anyway, yeah, I do wanna make her cookies because I feel like she really needs the compensation. And yeah, the only time I ever went to her house it was spotless. Not only spotless of any clutter, but actually.... spotless.

Well, Bug is dying to play on Starfall so I guess I'd better end this random post. I've run out of things to say anyway.

I HATE waking up with a headache. It seems to make the rest of the day worse.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy, busy doctor

Last week I didn't see my doctor because he was delivering a baby. A few weeks ago, I almost didn't see my doctor because he was about to deliver a baby. Today I almost didn't see him because he was doing an emergency C-section when I arrived. I don't ever remember having so many times when I couldn't or almost couldn't see him with the last two pregnancies of mine. Ah well...

But I did see him today. The update for the week:

2.5 (almost... he wanted to be optimistic..... haha) dilated, and about the same effaced as last week.... in the 70's I think....

So yeah.... that is about it. I'm still huge, still having back pain, have a huge list of things I want done before baby comes, can realistically only take it easy until baby comes, and the ten day forecast says rain, rain, and more rain..... I hope they are right with the sun on Friday.... I REALLY want to be free of gravity for a bit...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Crazy weekend

A good expression to match my weekend.

The weekend started with packing like crazy in the morning so we could get to eat lunch with family. We hadn't had anything packed the night before... so yeah.

Packing, packing, packing. Rocket Scientist usually sleeps in the morning-afternoon. So he was dead on his feet. We got most things packed while Bug was still sleeping. Rocket Scientist declared that he needed at least a half hour rest before we left. He got one hour. Near the end of it, I got a call from my dad as to when and were we were planning on meeting for lunch. To get there on time (after about an hour and a half drive) we had to leave RIGHT THEN. We still had to pack some things for Bug and hygiene stuff. We got to work as fast as we could again and headed off about a half an hour to forty minutes later than we needed to get there on time.

Amazingly enough, we all pretty much got to the restaurant at pretty much the same time. After lunch, we found that my brother got his car broken into. I guess he has an alarm so it was a break the window, grab, and go type operation. The guy probably thought he got a lap top. Instead it was temple clothes... heh.... At first though, my brother thought the thief got his camera which still would have sucked but it seemed my brother wasn't too worried about losing his camera.

After spending time with my family for lunch, we headed off to meet Rocket Scientist's family. We were going to spend time with each other in the temple. We had a little relax time before we got dressed to go to the temple and me and my cute outfit and high heel boots headed off. (oh, side note thing... while driving to meet my family I realized we had left my cane, and I was quite bumbed about that. My back was killing me that morning to start off) We enjoyed our time in the temple, but by the end of it, I felt like I had bruised the balls of my feet. My back was actually doing ok because of all the walking, but my feet were really killing me because of the high heels.

After we got out, it was rush, rush, rush again. My brother had just published a book filled with portraits that he took of a lot of different people. He was having like a book signing/grand opening of when people could buy his book and we wanted to go to that, so we did. We headed off to meet my parents so we could car pool to the book signing/grand opening of when people could buy his book. We enjoyed our time there, me sitting a lot from the fact of my feet still killing me. The snacking food was really good. Strawberries, grapes, crackers and cheese, meat balls and things. It was really pretty cool. Obviously, we got a book. It is sitting on our coffee table (that we don't use for coffee... haha) right now ready for anyone to look through it. If we ever get visitors that is...

Anyway, we left and we started heading to the train station (you know, one of those uh... trains.... that runs off of electricity or something like that...). Near the train station was some steam trains that kids could play on and stuff. One of my nephews is a train fanatic, so we stopped there so they could play for a bit. Train Fanatic's brother was about to the train and then he tripped. He started crying and we went over to console him. Then while getting pictures of Train Fanatic on the train with Bug, one of my brothers up there with them said that Train Fanatic's brother was only looking up, and he thought it was kinda funny at the time.

Soon after that, or rather during, my mom noticed that Train Fanatic's little brother was really unresponsive. He was only staring up at the cloud filled sky and had a blank look on his face. After a lot of calling to him in strained voices, doing anything to try and get him to respond to us, someone near us noticed our dilemma, fear, and stressed voices. She came over to see what was going on and said it was probably a seizure because someone in her family got them all the time, and they only look up. Maybe a little before that, my brother was on a call with 911. Only thing was, is that he wasn't shaking. The woman suggested to us to lay him down, and we did. Then he started shaking. After a bit more of that, and trying to get the family around us to know what was going on (Photoguy who just published a book, Pavlov, even my dad wasn't around when it first started happening.... thank goodness for cell phones, huh??), we started to hear the ambulance. Almost about the same time the emergency guys started arriving, my dad and brother gave him a blessing. He wasn't shaking anymore, and his eyes were closed, but he was breathing and sometimes mumbling. By the way, he is only two about to turn three. It was quite a freaky situation.

None of us knew what was going on, and it was just really scary. He had a fever earlier that day. After carting him off to the hospital with my sister (his mom) and Exelente, my brother, (as comfort seeing as my sister's husband was at a lake with some young men), we all got on the train to head home. Sometime on the way home, I guess Pavlov (my brother) got a call from my brother at the hospital, then he txted me (I was on the lower level of the train, and Pavlov was on the upper level) and said that my nephew was doing good. It was a fever induced seizure.

It was very sad, and I was heart-breaking for my sister as well. Seeing her son (not much younger than Bug) strapped to a stretcher and she couldn't be next to him to hold his hand..... it was heart-breaking. Not only imagining this happening to my own son, but also, it was too much of a deja-vo for me. Having the emergency people rushing in, almost pushing the mom away from her son who she just wanted to snuggle and hold and make sure he was all right... It was too much the scene from the morning when we found Little Angel dead.

Anyway.... enough about that scene...

The picture at the top is one Pavlov took with his phone. I'm quite grateful to him since neither Rocket Scientist or I were up on the second level to document Bug's first train ride. Quite a great pic huh??

After getting back to our car, we drove all the way back to Rocket Scientist's parent's house so we could sleep there. We might have slept at my parent's house since it was closer to our car and it was quite late, but we left our suitcase down at Rocket Scientist's parent's house after we dressed for the temple. So that was our Friday... now for Saturday.

We had a very lazy morning. It was very nice. After spending some lazy time just sitting around and talking (pretty much) with the family, we headed off around 2 to head up to an air show my family was going to. It was pretty neat, and Bug enjoyed it. It was very hot and none of us remembered to bring chairs, so I was sitting on a hard dirt ground (we had blankets, don't worry...) which killed my back sufficiently. Then after that we headed to my sisters in law's house for a BBQ. That was nice and fun, but eventually Rocket Scientist had to leave again for another long drive back to his parent's house where we were sleeping again.

And that was Saturday. Sunday was probably the most relaxing day, seeing as we had church in the morning, then we all gathered for the monthly pot-luck/birthday celebration. We had it early enough Rocket Scientist and I could actually leave early enough we had time to give Bug a bath and put him to bed at a decent hour.

And THAT was my weekend. Sometime on Friday (probably around heading to meet Rocket Scientist's family to go to the temple) I started having false labor. But it didn't really get bad until we were driving to the book signing/grand opening thing for my brother's book. I didn't mention how fast the contractions were coming to Rocket Scientist (mainly because my dad was driving and he started freaking out when I mentioned that I had three within an hour only 25 minutes apart) until after we got out of the car and they went away. But just for information's sake only, they were coming about once every two minutes for about 20 minutes. They stopped when I stood up, so most definitely false labor. But almost the rest of the night when I was sitting, I had false labor. On the train, the drive back to Rocket Scientist's parent's house... yeah. I had a bit on Saturday, but since it wasn't as busy and active as the day before, I didn't have as much.

And that is it. Don't ask me how I survived, but I did, and I'm home trying to catch up on our pile of laundry. And not kill my back as well. I have a few more pictures from the weekend, but I'll have to get them on my computer before I do that, and I really need to continue doing my laundry before too long. Anyway, that is that, and I'm sorry it is so long, I'm famous for long babbling posts, so deal with it... *grin*

Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick note

For the next few weeks, my sister is in town. Texas Mom has come to visit! Yay!!! Also, Rocket Scientist's sister is also in town. She lives in Colorado. So what to do while you are in town visiting family, but hang out and do fun things?? Yeah, sure.

Both sides of the family are wanting to do things together, and we obviously want to do as much as we can with both sides. But that means a lot of planning. And a lot of stress. And a lot of craziness going from one family activity to the other. A lot of missing things. Like baby blessings. And other fun BBQ things.

Consider me "missing in action" these next few weeks, or at the very least, this weekend. The most hectic weekend of this pregnancy. Oh, and did I mention that I'm about to pop?? How can I go camping (which both sides are going to be doing and I REALLY would love to join them) more than an hour away from my doctor? No thanks..... though.... PLEASE????

Bah. If I live through this weekend without going into labor that will be a huge success...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wonder.....

What would happen if my water broke while I was in the pool???

And speaking about pools, I seriously don't feel like I'm pregnant at all. Or rather, I know I'm pregnant, but not so far along that I really have a lot of stress on my back and belly. Hence, I (mentally) don't think I am far enough along to have felt baby yet. Yesterday while in the pool, baby started kicking around. I thought to myself.... "What in the world is that weird feeling?? What's going on with me??" It took me a few seconds to remember that I'm in my ninth month and OBVIOUSLY am feeling baby move.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekly Appointment

These are more for me than any readers who have become bored with my blog, but humor me k?

My appointment was today. Things of note:

I'm almost dilated to a two, and 75% effaced.

There is no need for concern concerning the mole thing on my belly button. The results have no bad marks on it.

I didn't go on auto pilot and end up at my old apartment this time.

On the way back from the appointment I got a new preggo swim suit. I'm pretty excited about it. Almost so much that I'm thinking of going swimming AGAIN today. (Cat already stopped by with her kids and we had a mini pool party today before my appointment.)

The end.